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What is EIPP and EBPP?
My accounting system already automates AR and AP, why do I need Fidesic?
Is Enliven's Fidesic product a replacement to my accounting system?
How is Fidesic Data Secured?
What software components do I have to install?
Do I need a server to host the system?
I can already simply attach a PDF file to an email for delivering invoices, why do I need Fidesic?
How do I send invoices and checks from my accounting system, using Fidesic?
How long does implementation take?
How much training is needed?
What are the requirements on my customers end? Do they need to be on Fidesic? Will they be charged?
My financial system already supports electronic invoicing!
Can I use Fidesic without any accounting system?
When my customers pay online, how do I post the payments into my accounting system?
Will I be able to continue receiving payments off-line through paper check?
Some of my customers require that I send their invoices electronically in a certain format, can Fidesic help?
I know Fidesic provides EIPP solutions, but does Fidesic offer solutions from a buyer’s perspective?
Can vendors enter their invoices through a web form?
Does the vendor have access to the status of an outstanding invoice?
Do I need to sign-up with a new credit card merchant to receive payment with Enliven’s Fidesic?
Do you provide fulfillment of paper invoices and checks?
For invoices or checks that will go out through US Mail, who does the mailing and how secure is it?
What are the costs involved in using Enliven's EIPP system?
What is the expected ROI from implementing electronic invoicing or electronic payments?
Can I use Fidesic to pay other businesses?
Do I need to open a new checking account to make payments with Fidesic?
When will my payment to the Fidesic member be deducted from my checking account?
How secure and private are transactions made with Fidesic?

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