Bee Creek Communications provides dependable high-speed wireless internet, email, hot spot design/management and wireless network management to residents and businesses in the Texas Hill country. Bee Creek recently used the Fidesic Platform to justify making the jump from QuickBooks to Dynamics GP.

The Problem

Through the rapid growth of their business, Bee Creek was quickly outgrowing QuickBooks as an accounting and ERP system. Through their research and communications with local GP VAR Express Information Systems, they determined that Dynamics GP was likely the best platform for their business. However, out of the box GP did not offer an electronic AR solution similar to what their customer base was already using. After an initial review of other AR ISV products in the market, Bee Creek concluded that the setup fees were more than they were willing to pay.  Lack of AR functionality became a sticking point with the decision to transfer to GP, until Express Info contacted Enliven Software and proposed Enliven's AR solution and its Software as a Service pricing.

The Solution
Enliven Software's Fidesic Platform was able to offer Bee Creek all of the required functionality in their AR processing, as well as some additional features not available with their current solution. With Enliven's Fidesic Platform Bee Creek can now submit all of their invoices in a single batch, and allow Enliven to sort and deliver based on individual customer preferences for method of delivery. In addition to handling all of the Bee Creeks electronic invoices, Bee Creek no longer has to worry about printing stuffing and mailing the remaining paper invoices.

In true holistic fashion Enliven not only handles invoice fulfillment on Bee Creeks behalf, they also offer and easy to use payment portal for Bee Creek's end customers. With every invoice sent by Enliven there is an included message encouraging payment through their Bee Creek's new ePay portal. This portal allows customers to securely enter both ACH and Credit Card information for payment. They also have the option to automatically pay their bill monthly by signing up for Auto-Charge. This combination of AR features has enabled Bee Creek to focus more on their business, and allow Enliven Software to handle much of their AR processing.

Not only was Bee Creek able to take their AR process to the next level, Express Information Systems was able to secure a new GP customer. Bee Creek now is able to take advantage of the many benefits of the Dynamics GP platform while still offering their customers a web payment solutions similar to what they are used to.

Increased Security
Bee Creek no longer has the liability of storing customer credit information on site. All customer information is now stored in a PCI compliant, encrypted location on the Fidesic Platform. This increased security has increased adoption of customer payment through the web.

Quick payments
Customers now have the option to pay their bills automatically every month with the Auto-Charge feature. This has greatly reduced the DSO on a customer by customer basis. Now all customers have the option to pay their bill online, and can sign up in a quick secure fashion.

ACH support
Additionally customers have the option to pay their bill by ACH, or direct debit. This results in lower merchant processing costs, and an overall reduction in Accounts Receivable operational costs.

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