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How to Prepare your AP Department for an Audit

Oct 30 2013
As a company grows audits and audit reports become increasingly important. What exactly do you need to prepare for an audit? The short answer is a record of everything. For a small business the prospect of keeping copies of all AP records can seem daunting. By using modern automated AP management systems, keeping track of everything is no longer a huge pain. 

Building a Targeted Website- Fidesic AP Solutions for GP

Oct 17 2013
The web has shifted from large sites with piles of information to small ones catered specifically to an audience. This trend can be seen in domain name registration, website design, and SEO strategies. To capitalize on this shift Enliven Software is proud to introduce our latest site, 

Integration Matters- How to Truly Automate Your AP

The Fidesic Platform offers the tightest integration with Dynamics GP available. Fidesic has been directly integrated with GP for over 10 years, and our system’s workflow is based around a GP workflow. Make sure you ask your solutions provider about their integration points, otherwise you may end up with a “paperless cloud based solutions” that actually makes managing AP more labor intensive.

Anywhere Approval 2.0- Mobile Approval

Sep 12 2013
Web based approval has opened up a new world of freedom for everyone who uses our system. No longer are they tied to their office, managing paper as it slides across their desk. Our users have the ability to approve from anywhere they have a laptop, an Internet connection. The change from paper to digital represents the first step in an evolution towards faster, more efficient accounting practices. The future, as with much of the world of technology, lies in the mobile space.

Paperless AP and Cloud Dynamics GP

Sep 09 2013
Here at Enliven Software we think of ourselves as industry leaders in cloud based solutions. We’ve offered solutions in the cloud long before the term “cloud” was even coined. Anytime, anywhere access to your data is a staple of what we do and it’s always great to find another like-minded company in the business. Rose Business is one of those like-minded businesses.

Cloud based GP is a great solution looking for anytime access to GP. This leads to a fairly obvious question, “how do we make the rest of our accounting processes electronic as well.” This is what makes our Fidesic solution the perfect fit for any cloud-based GP environment...

The True Cost of AP

Aug 08 2013

Running an analysis to determine how much AP costs is no easy task. Of course you have your AP staff cost, materials cost, but there are also many other “soft” costs associated with managing the entire process. Do you take into account the time spent by managers to approve things? How about the amount of time your AP staff spends simply trying to manage the process? Are you able to pay your bills on time? How much did your company pay in late fees last year? This article is designed to help you take a better look at these costs, and to find ways to shrink your total expenditure.

Enliven Software Spring Implementation Sale

Apr 12 2013
Implementations now 20% off!!

We know this time of year makes it tough to get projects rolling, so we've added an extra incentive to help you get approval on your Summer 2013 project. Sign today to be first in line for Enliven’s Summer Implementation schedule. The faster you are live on the platform the faster you will be able to save money. Not a good time for a project? Sign now and you have the flexibility to schedule your implementation for whenever is most convenient. 

Accounts Payable in the Digital Age

Apr 12 2013

As we charge full bore into 2013 it’s easy to see the great digital advances we’ve made over the years. Smart phones have fundamentally changed the way the world works, email is a primary driver of business andnearly all the information you want available at your fingertips. I say nearly, because a large portion of the business world is still HEAVILY tied to paper. Businesses pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars monthly simply to manage the paper that they receive. Pieces of paper are rubber stamped, manually written on, mailed to different locations and even printed out when they started as PDFs.

Lean Discount-Capturing Profit Center Machine – An AP Story

Feb 25 2013
Fidesic enables your business to earn 36% return on your capital used for payable transactions. Even greater returns can be achieved if your business works with suppliers to capture discounts greater than the standard 2% net 10 terms that many suppliers offer. A 36% return on working capital is possible by earning a 2% return on the timeframe of the actual due date and the discount due which is typically 20 days, resulting in 18 time intervals in a year.
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