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Enliven's electronic payables portal - Fidesic ePayables, integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) to provide automated, real-time management of the accounts payable process through our powerful web-based portal.

Click Below to watch a short demo of how ePayables works with Dynamics GP. A full demo is available here.

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Product Sheet
Fidesic ePayables can automate your entire payables process, from invoice capture to payment. By automating payables, you can reduce the amount of time spent managing the process, as well as cut costs.
Accounts Payable using Dynamics GP
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Fidesic ePayables portal allows mid-size companies to take the entire accounts payable process paperless, save time by eliminating manual tasks, deal with vendors more efficiently using a Vendor Account Center Website, smoothly integrate with existing accounting software and more.
Comprehensive invoice data capture allows companies to
  • Automatically read invoices (including line items) with Optical Character Recognition or via Supplier/vendor invoices sent through Fidesic eInvoicing system (Print2Web)
  • Document imaging of all invoices with on-demand viewing
  • Capture invoice data directly from your accounting system

Invoice Capture :
Using Fidesic ePayables you can capture invoice data in various ways and at different stages in your process to best fit the structure of your business.

  • Automatically read invoice data from scanned invoices or invoices delivered by your suppliers/vendors that have signed up to deliver your invoices electronically with Fidesic Print2Web
  • Capture invoice data from your employees located anywhere
  • Capture invoice data directly from your vendors
  • Web based approval allows for anytime, anywhere approval. 

Fidesic ePayables accommodates the collection of invoice data as it enters your organization at any level or geographic location. Wherever invoice data is collected, it is never entered more than once across your entire organization. Plus, you can scan and attach support documents to the invoice data for on-line storage and instant retrieval for review anywhere.

Invoices can be scanned and uploaded locally, or faxed to Fidesic. Fidesic's optical character recognition (OCR) dramatically reduces time spent today keying invoice data.

Fidesic ePayables also includes a convenient "Web Invoice" for users to enter information anywhere, including remote locations. Employees can enter invoice data directly when an invoice arrives at any of your locations. Your authorized vendors also can enter invoices into the system using the "Web Invoice." Fidesic ePayables ensures that all invoice details, payment terms, line-item details, and PO/invoice numbers as applicable are entered into your AP system.

By using Fidesic ePayables with an established vendor, you can also get an invoice into the system by issuing a purchase order and automatically flipping it into an invoice upon receipt of the goods purchased. This fast and efficient method ensures maximum accuracy and eliminates retyping information.

  • Invoice Capture
  • Invoice Approval Portal
  • Payments
  • Role-based approval workflow
  • Electronic Data Capture
  • Secure Private Information
  • Customizable invoice approval workflow

  • Optical Character Recognition automatically reads invoices (including line items)
  • Document imaging of all invoices with “on-demand” viewing
  • An unlimited number of roles assign permissions and privileges to users involved in key processes, ensuring financial controls are followed for all invoices
  • Parallel, serial and ad-hoc workflow support
  • Paper checks or electronic payments
  • Robust business policy support for payment authorization

Invoice Approval :
Fidesic ePayables includes a powerful and flexible business approval rules model called Approval Workflow Rules. Through a simple-to-use web graphical interface, your company can establish a role-based approval workflow. This system features an unlimited number of roles allowing you to assign permissions and privileges to users involved in your key processes.

When an invoice arrives in Fidesic ePayables, your defined Approval Workflow Rules are applied and the invoice is assigned to the appropriate approval workflow. The first individual on the chain of approvals receives email notification that an invoice requires approval. He simply clicks the link and logs into his system to review the invoice details and approve the invoice. If additional approvals are required, this process is repeated until the invoice is fully approved based on your approval workflow rules.

Throughout the entire process, an audit trail is automatically compiled for each invoice — complete with dates, times, and comments to protect the accounting integrity of the approval process.

Invoice Payment features (Enliven's ePayments solution):

  • Paper checks or electronic payments.
  • Robust business policy support for payment authorization.
  • Payment authorization through our web-based portal. 
  • Notification to payees of payments via email and customized Website.
  • Management of cash flow with "Just-in-Time" payments.
Authorizing and signing checks is a time-consuming process that too often falls to upper-level managers who are already short on time. Fidesic ePayables allows your signers to simply click a button to sign and authorize as few or as many payments as they want — all from any PC with a web browser and an internet connection (hotel, airport, home). A secure user login guarantees that only authorized signers can send payments.

Eliminate payee confusion and employee phone time researching payments. Fidesic ePayables notifies your payees via email anytime you schedule payments. Payment information is also available on a customized account information web page showing payment history and remittance information. When payments are sent electronically, payees don't even need to hassle with depositing checks.

Fidesic ePayables also provides powerful cash management benefits through its "Just-in-Time" payments. Schedule your payments — and leave the rest to us. Fidesic ePayables does the work to ensure that your payments get delivered just in time to maximize your available cash.

Fidesic ePayables even tracks when each check is authorized and by whom. Fidesic provides your bank with a detailed list of check information to ensure that fraudulent checks are not honored. When payees receive payments electronically, you know the exact amount and when the payment is deposited.

Fidesic's powerful suite of accounts payable functionality automates the hassles you grapple with today. You end up with a smooth process and save money too. Call today to see a demo of Fidesic ePayables Portal. 
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