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Public Utility Companies Make the *SWITCH* to Greener Practices

Feb 25 2013
Publicutilities are making the switch to greener practices, and in turn, doing theirpart to contribute to a greener environment.

Utilitycompanies across the country are yielding to customer requests for onlinebilling and payment capabilities and in turn, doing their part by participatingin greener practices.  Some of thesepublic utility companies have taken their “greenness” one step further andbegun to donate $1 to environmental alliances who plant trees for each newcustomer who signs up to receive their bills electronically .

Leveraging Dynamics GP to Process Check Requests

Feb 25 2013
By creating efficiencies and showing a return on investment, businesses can justify IT spending and gain a competitive advantage by reducing overhead costs. Two simple features of the Fidesic Platform can help reduced administrative tasks, improve accuracy, and support electronic document management to provide transparency in Check Requests and Request for Payment transactions. I will now explain how Check Requests with Fidesic can help your organization to collect payments or create disbursements leveraging Dynamics GP.

Franchise Online Statements for Dynamics GP: 4 Relief Points

Feb 25 2013
You’re a controller for a franchise organization sitting in the accounting department at headquarters using Dynamics GP as your core ERP solution. All that you can hear is the constant humming of the printing of paper invoices to be mailed all across the country, ringing of franchisees calling you to discuss their bills, clicking of staff typing in data for cash receipts, and groaning from your cash desk struggling with manual ACH file uploads with your bank.

Weighing In The Partner Community Through The ERP Software Blog

Feb 25 2013
Enliven Software is happy to part of one of the fastest growing group blog sites for ERP Software selection.  The ERP Software Blog ( is composed of several Microsoft Dynamics GP (Formally known as Great Plains) resellers and complementary ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Solutions which were recommended by the Microsoft Partner Community for providing world class solutions and support.

Rocking The Boat of Cash Flow With Dynamics GP

Oct 15 2010
No matter what business you’re in, managing cash flow is important to maintain and build success. With Dynamics GP you have a high level of visibility into your incoming and outgoing payments. What if there was a way to reduce the variability and unpredictability of cash?

Users and Partners Help Make Convergence 2010 a Huge Success

Oct 15 2010
The whirlwind called Microsoft Convergence Conference has come to a close for 2010. The conference was in Atlanta, Georgia from April 24th- 27th and nearly everyone from the dynamics community made an appearance. The 2010 conference is shaping up to be THE breakout event for Enliven Software, and we owe it all to the buzz generated by our current customers, current partners, soon to be customers, and newest partners. We hope we helped Enliven the 2010 conference as well.

Daily Dynamics GP Training Courses

Oct 15 2010
Enliven Software is proud to announce it's schedule of daily training courses for Dynamics GP.

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  • Monday - Fidesic For Franchise Organizations
  • Tuesday - Accounts Receivables For Dynamics GP
  • Wednesday - CPE 1 Credit Cource on Benefits of AR and AP Automation for Dynamics GP
  • Thursday - Accounts Payable For Dynamics GP
  • Friday - Partner and Consulting Training

Enliven Software Wins 2010 Microsoft Distinction in Marketing Award

Jul 14 2010

“If you are going to think, think big! Otherwise, don’t waste your efforts.”

This year, Enliven Software has earned its place on the map by achieving the distinguished 2010 Microsoft Distinction in Marketing Award for Best ISV Marketing Campaign. This was made possible through close cooperation with their evangelist clients, superior customer service, an in-depth partner channel strategy, a strategic alignment with Microsoft, and direct input from the Microsoft Dynamics GP MVP community.

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